A feel good story in sports: Texans gift new uniforms to Uvalde High School football team

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 30, 2018: Mini Collectable Football Helmet for the Houston Texans of the American Football Conference South.

A feel good story in sports: Texans gift new uniforms to Uvalde High School football team

Every so often we find ourselves wondering if there’s any faith left in the human race. Too often we see all the horrible things society has to offer. Consuming the news has become stressful. Tedious or heavy are other adjectives used to describe the type of gloom and despair that’s been associated with the news. No news is bad news. The race to be first has prevailed over the race to be right. You get my drift here.

Then you see a story like the mass shooting in Uvalde. More heartache. More tragedy. More lives lost. While nothing can lessen the pain suffered by those who have lost friends and/or loved ones in a tragedy such as this, it’s during these difficult times that the inherent good in people comes to the forefront. Communities band together to foster the healing process and help those in need. Individuals and businesses both big and small give their time and resources to bring a little joy to people’s lives in their darkest hour. One such moment occurred when the Houston Texans made the five-hour trip west to brighten the day of Uvalde High School’s football team. Not only did a couple of players (Kamu Grugier-Hill and Christian Kirksey) and a team representative make the trip to encourage and uplift the players and coaches, but they also gifted the team with new uniforms and cleats with an assist from Nike.

These kids look up to NFL stars and wish to be in their shoes one day. To have the Texans come out and show them love after dealing with a tragedy will be something they will never forget. “Look good, feel good, play good”-Deion Sanders once famously said. And play good they did, winning their season opener in storybook fashion by a score of 34-28. I feel sorry for the rest of their opponents this season. I’m a Lobo fan this season. Let’s go!

UPDATE: The Texans’ Director of Sports Medicine Roland Ramirez (a former Robb Elementary schoolkid) announced that the team will provide transportation and suite tickets to the home opener against the Colts on 9/11! And the Texans will wear “Uvalde Strong” stickers on their helmets in the opener. Let the healing continue!

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