Astros victory closes out Mattress Mack’s record score

Astros victory closes out Mattress Mack’s record score

When the Astros finished off the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night, it completed what is believed to be the biggest gambling score in American history, when Mattress Mack collected a reported $75 million.

Mack made several different wagers at different sportsbooks because none of them would take the entire bet.

Mack’s victory was also a win for the people of Houston. Mack offered a money-back guarantee if the Astros won the World Series, using the bet to cover the costs. So everyone who took part gets their furniture for free.

Already a Houston legend, Mack has become oneof the most famous gamblers in America for his massive future bets on key sporting events. The Astros World Series was his biggest bet yet.

Mack makes all his wagers in states where sports betting is legal. Rest assured, there will be more bets.

And more chances to win free furniture.

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