Cooks believes Texans offense close to breakout

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jack Dempsey/AP/Shutterstock (13412771mx) Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks (13) catches a pass against the Denver Broncos during an NFL football game, in Denver Texans Broncos Football, Denver, United States – 18 Sep 2022

Cooks believes Texans offense close to breakout

The wide receiver and team leader said they just need to clean up a few things.

Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks met with the media Wednesday and addressed several questions related to the offense’s struggles, his play, and more.

As far as the offense’s production, Cooks thinks it’s all about execution:

“At the end of the day, it’s about finishing. Not being able to finish mainly with touchdowns in the red zone versus field goals. That’s just the name of the game these past three weeks. In order to do that, we’ve got to just execute better at the end of the day.”

Cooks admitted he and quarterback Davis Mills need to do a better job on their connection:

“Personally, just from myself and with us in pass catching with Davis (Mills), we’ve got some things to clean up. We can be better, absolutely. I look in the mirror at myself, and I can be better. If every person can do that and bring the collectively, I think that’s going to help us really get on the same page, with all of us actually.”

Cooks knows the Texans have to be better on third down:

“Yeah, because we’re set up. Anytime you can be third-and-short, you expect convert more times than not, and we’re just not doing that. When we look at the film, it’s little details on that from all of us. We’ve just got to be better.”

The Texans receiver also expanded a bit on the idea of making plays all game long versus one critical play in crunch time, making the difference. Cooks said while both are true, they have to find a way to make that turning point play:

“I think in this league, it always comes down pretty much to the end… We can be more consistent throughout those three quarters, absolutely, but the great teams find a way at the end to be able to take those close ones and win it.”

As a team leader, Cooks explained what his message has been to his teammates:

“We’re close, and I really mean that. When you say that, you just go to the film. Obviously, these games have been so close, so just how we get over that hump individually and collectively as a group. That’s just the message. We’ve got to keep straining, keep fighting and continue to have that hope because we’re right there from getting over the hump.”

Cooks remarked that a successful running game opens up the downfield attack:

“The trend is anytime we can run the ball well, that helps us. We’re going to lean heavy on our run game. We’ve got the guys up front that can do it and guys in the backfield that play at a high level. Anytime you can keep that balance, it helps you get downfield as an offense as well.”

Cooks also mentioned that the team has practiced well:

“We had a great practice. I feel that way. We just got to be able to translate that into the game. How do you do that? You just keep pushing. Keep expecting a high level out of yourself, and hopefully, we connect sooner rather than later.”

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