Could Davis Mills be back Sunday for Texans?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Eric Gay/AP/Shutterstock (13603698bk) Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills (10) looks to throw against the Tennessee Titans during an NFL football game, in Houston Titans Texans Football, Houston, United States – 30 Oct 2022

Could Davis Mills be back Sunday for Texans?

The head coach was about as critical as he gets publicly regarding the play of quarterback Kyle Allen this week.

On Monday, Houston Texans’ head coach Lovie Smith met with the media and did not hide his displeasure with the team’s offense or the play of the quarterback.

“No team in the league would win if you made some of the mistakes we made. Just some of the plays you don’t make. Can’t give up 14 points on the offensive side of the football,” Smith remarked in his opening comments. “Our passing game was off, throws to the receivers and just protecting the football. I talk about things you do wrong, of course the turnover ratio normally tell the story a little bit. Offensively, the interception for a touchdown, the fumble when we were backed up. We’ve got to make it a lot harder on opponents to score that way. These are things we need to clean up.”

His evaluation of quarterback Kyle Allen was not positive in any manner:

“Kyle (Allen) was the quarterback of our offense yesterday. We didn’t get anything done offensively, so it’s pretty hard to talk about many of the good things that anybody on that side of the ball did. Kyle is a part of that, and as we go forward, I’ve seen the video of course a few times, and the play at the quarterback position wasn’t good enough yesterday.”

Smith described common elements in Allen’s struggles the past two weeks:

“As we look back to a couple of weeks ago, a lot of it comes down to the decision you make at that position. A lot of them you have to make pretty quickly. Looking at yesterday, that screen that we had, sometimes it’s okay to just live to see another day, whether it’s taking a sack or throwing the ball away, but not throwing the ball where you don’t have a clear vision. The other two we had issues with just quarterback-center exchange. That shouldn’t be something that we’re having a problem with. Even the quarterback-running back exchange, those are things that we should be able to clean up, and we’ll need to. Two weeks in a row right now we’ve had some of those things that have really hurt us.”

Might the Texans be returning to Davis Mills as the starting quarterback? Lovie replied:

“Guys, you kind of know how we do it right now. On a Monday afterwards, we can talk about that play right there. Things get out a little bit quick around here, so if there’s a change that we’re going to make at any position, you guys will know it right away. But first, I’m going to talk to the guys about all of the things that we’re going through at all positions.”

This reporter fully expects the team to go back to Davis Mills Sunday in Dallas.

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