Fred Faour: Over/unders, win totals are fun ways to wager

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Fred Faour: Over/unders, win totals are fun ways to wager

One of the most fun sports bets to play is over/unders. This is where you bet a total amount of points scored by both teams. You can also bet individual team totals. A few tips if you are going to play:

  1. The public loves overs. This makes sense, because who wants to root for failure? But many times there is value in the under. In football, a backup quarterback in football can have a serious impact on both team and game totals. In hockey, hot goalies can make a difference. In basketball, a key injury. In baseball, a hot pitcher. These are all things you can use to your advantage. In truth, Vegas uses algorithms and intense research to put the numbers together, so as in all betting, you have to look for angles and edges.
  2. Pick your spots. As with all wagering, you need to be selective. As RJ Bell often says, a gambler’s best weapon is the ability to pass on a game. You don’t have to bet them all. By looking for some of the edges above, you narrow your choices. Be smart and selective.
  3. Team win totals are fun, but…College and NFL season win totals are coming out now, and these are also fun. (In particular I like UH to cover 4.5 games for the season). But the one negative? Your money is locked up longterm, with no interest. So there is a season-long wait to get paid. But it does give you action. Again, pick your spots. Also, odds will change during the season. If the Astros continue to struggle, you can bet an in-season total that will be much lower than the 97.5 they were at when the season started. Regardless, over/unders can be fun, and by following some of theses tips you can enjoy the action.

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