Fred Faour: Texans make bold move to move up and get Will Anderson to go with QB C.J. Stroud

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jose/Marinmedia Org/Csm/Shutterstock (13773239ck) (FILE PHOTOS)..former Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker (31) Will Anderson Jr. who is projected to go in the Top 5 in the NFL Draft, here he is pictured on versus the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the NFL Draft will be held in Kansas City on (Mandatory Credit: Jose / / CSM) (Absolute Complete photographer, and credits required) NFL DRAFT PREVIEW: FILE PHOTOS, Kansas City, USA – 18 Feb 2023

Fred Faour: Texans make bold move to move up and get Will Anderson to go with QB C.J. Stroud

The Texans selected QB C.J. Stroud of Ohio State with the second pick. Stroud has his issues but is an interesting selection.

However, the Texans second selection (third overall) rocked the draft. They traded up from 12 to select what is probably the best player in the draft – Will Anderson, linebacker from Alabama.

Anderson is a home run pick. He could be the Texans next J.J. Watt. The price was high, but to get a player like that was worth it.

Stroud is a very good prospect but has benefited from having world-class receivers. He could be solid or could be a bust. We will find out.

Anderson? If he winds up being a bust, it will be a shock. He has been the best defensive player in college football the last two years. He has an unstoppable motor. He gets after the quarterback. His comp in the NFL? Khalil Mack.

The Texans have been a laughing stock. But this offseason they hired a high-profile coach who has put together an awesome staff. They drafted what they hope is a franchise quarterback. But most importantly, they got a game-changer on defense. It’s not something you will see on every play. But he will change the game.

If Stroud is what the Texans think he is, the offense is in good shape. But no matter what, they have solidified their defense, with more to come.

And no matter what, they made the most interesting move in the draft. Let’s see where it takes them.

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