Fred Faour: The Astros will be just fine

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kevin M Cox/AP/Shutterstock (13852208e) Houston Astros starting pitcher Framber Valdez delivers during the first inning of a baseball game against the Chicago White Sox, in Houston White Sox Astros Baseball, Houston, United States – 30 Mar 2023

Fred Faour: The Astros will be just fine

Opening Day is special in baseball. We put so much on it because it is one of the games all year that means something.

So the Astros lost 3-2 to the White Sox in their opener. But let’s not lose sight of the important things.

*-The Astros have 161 more of these.

*-Ace Framber Valdez did not give up a run.

*-Yordan Alvarez hit a bomb.

Those are the important things. For as good as the World Series champs were last year, they lost 58 games. So in the big picture, what did this really mean? Nothing. If they lose a few more this week? Nothing. And all of that is OK. Because that is the nature of the baseball season.

The bullpen blew the game. Remember when it blew games against the Yankees last season? Probably not. Because how did it all end? That you remember.

And that’s all good. One result does not mean a thing in the regular season. The good news? This team will win a lot more than it loses. By July, you won’t remember this one game.

Because that is baseball, it is much more of a marathon than a sprint. And the Astros are built for the long haul. In September? We won’t remember. Those who say, “oh, the early games are just as important,” are full of it because these Astros will only get better and better.

Remember 2005 when the Astros were 18-34 and some idiot put a tombstone on them?

One game will not define the season. We cared so much because it was Opening Day. But this is just the start.

On the bright side? Baseball is back. The champs are back. Enjoy the moment, win or lose. Thursday was lose. There will be a lot more wins. That’s baseball.

No matter the result? The Astros are back.

Let’s enjoy the ups and downs and the ride.

There is so much out there waiting to happen.

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