Greenard: Texans defense “has to put it together”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Zalubowski/AP/Shutterstock (13400510jm) Houston Texans defensive end Jonathan Greenard (52) during an NFL football game, in Denver Texans Broncos Football, Denver, United States – 18 Sep 2022

Greenard: Texans defense “has to put it together”

The Texans defensive end believes in the team’s talent

Tuesday, Houston Texans defensive end Jon Greenard said that he is a believer in the team’s defensive talent, but they have to figure out how to make it gel:

“I understand just because we’ve got the ability. We’ve got the talent. We just have to put it together. That’s the hardest part about winning in general. As you see, some teams make it look easy, but obviously, it’s just a different formula for each team. We just have to find our own niche. That’s what we’re going to continue to work towards. Obviously, I’ve got to be better, not just on the field but vocally and sometimes speaking up, whatever the case may be. I just know that I need to do more.”

Greenard stated the team’s lack of pass rush in Week 4 is an outlier and they will get better:

“I think overall, people get confused sometimes and think sacks are easy. They’re not. Obviously, that’s what they pay us to do. It’s different guys, different week. We just have to understand going into that how we want to attack those guys and see different types of schemes and techniques to make us be better overall as pass rushers. We just didn’t get home this past week, and we’re going to continue to practice and get home this week.”

The Texans defensive end expressed the Jacksonville Jaguars are a very different team from a year ago, and Houston must rise to the challenge:

“They’ve definitely added some pieces there. Obviously, they’re a totally different team. You can just see how they fly around the ball in general. The coach (Doug Pederson) has coached a Super Bowl, and he understands he has that formula, getting those guys to understand the standard. I think overall; they look good on film. We’re just going to continue to do our things, and they’re going to bring it as well. It’s a division game. We just have to continue to do our part on our side and make it a game.”

Greenard expressed excitement at the pending return of teammate Mario Addison:

“Rio (Mario Addison), he’s behind the scenes all the time. He’ll be back up now this week. He’s a guy that’s always there and giving his little two cents every single time. Understanding about how he’s pass rushing the pass and things of that sort, seeing how he can add little things because we have a younger room. Besides Jerry (Hughes) and Maliek (Collins), we’ve got guys that are much younger, three, four, five, six years. They’re still trying to implement themselves into the league, including myself, just trying to soak up all of their knowledge.”

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