LIVE UPDATES: Astros vs. Mariners Game 1 ALDS

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Maria Lysaker/UPI/Shutterstock (13454765c) MLB postseason signage is seen during the workout session at Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas on Monday, October 10, 2022. The Houston Astros will play the Seattle Mariners at the ALDS on October 11, 2022. MLB Mariners Astros, Houston, Texas, United States – 10 Oct 2022

LIVE UPDATES: Astros vs. Mariners Game 1 ALDS

This will be an updated live story on Game 1 ALDS between the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners. Gallery Sports will provide continuous updates on all the action.

Mariners Lineup: Astros Lineup:

J. Rodriguez CF J. Altuve 2B

T. France 1B J. Pena SS

E. Suarez 3B Y. Alvarez LF

C. Raleigh C A. Bregman 3B

M. Haniger RF K. Tucker RF

C. Santana DH Y. Gurriel 1B

A. Frazier 2B T. Mancini DH

J. Kelenic LF C. McCormick CF

J.P. Crawford SS M. Maldonado C

Starting pitchers:

Seattle: RHP Logan Gilbert 13-6, 3.20 ERA

Houston: RHP Justin Verlander 18-4, 1.75 ERA

Top 1:

Verlander pitching.

Rodriguez walked. First pitch foul ball then 4 straight out of the zone by Verlander.

France singled past a diving Altuve. Rodriguez to 3rd.

Suarez struck out looking on slider. 1 out.

Raleigh singled to right. Rodriguez scored. France to third. 1-0 Mariners.

Haniger flied to right. 2 out.

Santana popped up. Side retired.

1 run, 2 hits, no errors. 1-0 Seattle.

Bottom 1:

Gilbert pitching.

Altuve popped to short. 1 out.

Pena struck out swinging. 2 out

Alvarez popped out to shallow left. 3 out

0 runs 0 hits 0 errors. 1-0 Seattle

Top 2:

Frazier singled to right.

Kelenic singled to center. Frazier to 2nd.

Crawford flied to deep center. Frazier to 3rd, Kelenic to 2nd. 1 out.

Rodriguez doubled to right center. Frazier and Kelenic scored. 3-0 Seattle.

Verlander has his velocity up from 94 to start the game to 98 now. Rodriguez doubled on 97 mph fastball at top of zone.

France singled to center. Rodriguez scored. 4-0 Seattle.

Verlander visibly frustrated with himself. Action in Astros pen getting started, Bryan Abreu warming.

Suarez grounded into double play, 6-4-3. 3 out.

3 runs 4 hits 0 errors. 4-0 Seattle.

Bottom 2:

Bregman popped out in foul territory in front of Astros dugout. 1 out.

Tucker lined to first. 2 out.

Gurriel singled to center.

Mancini flew out to shallow left. 3 out.

0 runs 1 hit 0 errors 4-0 Seattle.

Top 3:

Verlander still pitching. Abreu has sat down in the pen.

Raleigh grounded to first. Yuli with a barehand play and flip to Verlander covering. 1 out.

Haniger grounded to short. 2 out.

Santana popped to second. 3 out.

0 runs 0 hits 0 errors. 4-0 Seattle

Verlander with his first clean inning.

Bottom 3:

McCormick singled to right center.

Maldonado struck out swinging.

Altuve walked. McCormick to 2nd.

Pena flied to deep center. McCormick to 3rd. 2 out.

Crowd loud and on their feet as Yordan Alvarez comes to bat.

Alvarez doubled to left center. McCormick and Altuve scored. 4-2 Seattle.

Yordan Alvarez missed a home run by about 10 feet, hitting the top of the Crawford Boxes scoreboard.

Bregman walked.

Mariners pitching coach to the mound to talk with Gilbert.

Full house standing on their feet waving rally towels. It is very loud.

Tucker struck out swinging. 3 out.

2 runs. 2 hits. 0 errors. 4-2 Seattle.

Top 4:

Frazier struck out swinging. 1 out.

Kelenic struck out swinging. 2 out.

Crawford homered into the second deck in right field(383 ft). 5-2 Seattle.

Rodriguez tripled to left center.

France doubled to right. Rodriguez scored. 6-2 Seattle.

Yordan jumped up against the scoreboard to try to catch the ball, but it bounced off the top of his glove, and he couldn’t catch the carom with his bare hand.

Abreu warming up in the pen again.

Suarez singled to left. France out at home plate. 3 out.

France was dead meat at the plate. Yordan’s throw beat him by 30 feet. Maldonado was standing and waiting for him with the ball. France tried to pull up and retreat but to no avail. teams still don’t respect Alvarez’ arm. He has a solid arm and is very accurate.

2 runs. 4 hits. 0 errors 6-2 Seattle.

Bottom 4:

Gurriel homered to left (373 ft). 6-3 Seattle.

Yuli tanked that ball and he knew it. Fans have some buzz again after Verlander surrendered two more in the top of the inning.

Mancini lined to short. 1 out.

Abreu looks ready to go in the Astros pen. He should be coming in for the top of the 5th.

McCormick grounded to short. 2 out.

Maldonado struck out swinging. 3 out.

1 run. 1 hit. 0 errors. 6-3 Seattle.

Top 5:

Abreu pitching for Astros.

Raleigh struck out swinging. 1 out.

Haniger singled to left.

Action the Astros pen again. Cristian Javier warming up.

Santana struck out swinging. 2 out.

Frazier grounded to first. 3 out.

0 runs. 1 hit. 0 errors. 6-3 Seattle

Bottom 5:

Altuve struck out swinging. 1 out.

Pena popped softly to second. 2 out.

Alvarez grounded to second. 3 out.

0 runs. 0 hits. 0 errors. 6-3 Seattle.

Top 6:

Abreu on for 2nd inning of work.

Kelenic popped to shallow left. 1 out.

Bregman ranged out to make that catch.

Crawford struck out looking. 2 outs.

Dusty coming out to make a pitching change. Abreu gets an ovation for his work.

Cristian Javier entering game.

Rodriguez struck out looking. 3 out.

97 mph fastball on the outside corner.

0 runs. 0 hits. 0 errors. 6-3 Seattle.

Bottom 6:

Bregman flied to deep right. 1 out.

Action in the Mariners pen.

Tucker singled to short.

Tucker hit a soft bouncer to short, Mariners were in the shift. Suarez had to field it charging, and Tucker beat throw.

Mariners will make a pitching change. Gilbert out. Matt Brash will come in. He has a history of wildness but has swing and miss stuff.

Gurriel at plate, Brash with wild pitch. Tucker advanced to second.

Gurriel flied to left. 2 out.

Mancini at plate. Brash with 2nd wild pitch. Tucker advanced to third.

Mancini grounded to third. 3 out.

0 runs. 1 hit. 0 errors. 6-3 Seattle.

Top 7:

Javier pitching.

France struck out swinging. 1 out.

Suarez homered to left (359 ft). 7-3 Seattle.

Hunter Brown warming in the Astros pen. Diego Castillo warming in Mariners pen.

Raleigh popped to short. 2 out.

Bregman wit the catch in the shift.

Haniger flied to left. 3 out.

Alvarez made running catch at full sprint speed. Banged in to the wall going down the line.

1 run. 1 hit. 0 errors. 7-3 Seattle.


Bottom 7:

Diego Castillo now pitching for Mariners.

Christian Vazquez pinch hitting for McCormick.

Vazquez singled softly off first baseman France’s glove.

France dove deep into the hole to try to make that play but the soft hit bounced off his glove.

Aledmys Diaz pinch hitting for Maldonado.

Diaz grounded into fielder’s choice. Vazquez out at 2nd. 1 out.

Two pitchers up in Astros pen. One appears to be Rafael Montero.

Altuve ahead 2-0 in count, Mariners have meeting on the mound.

Altuve grounded in to double play. 6-4-3. 3 outs.

0 runs. 1 hit. 0 errors. 7-3 Seattle.

Top 8:

Hunter Brown now pitching for Astros. Mauricio Dubon in CF. Christian Vazquez at catcher.

Santana grounded to first. 1 out.

Yuli unassisted.

Frazier grounded to short. 2 out.

Pena fielded ball in the shirt playing on 1B side of the keystone.

Kelenic singled to left.

Crawford at bat.

Kelenic caught stealing. Vazquez to Pena. 3 out

0 runs. 1 hit. 0 errors. 7-3 Seattle.

Bottom 8:

Andres Munoz now pitching for Seattle.

Pena lined to first. 1 out.

Alvarez singled to right.

Alvarez hit a screaming rocket off the wall in the corner in right. The ball hit the wall so hard it caromed back 30 feet to the right fielder, holding Yordan to a single. He was running out of the box. Yordan did not watch this ball, he was hustling. He hit it that hard.

Bregman homered to left center (403 ft). Alvarez and Bregman scored. 7-5 Seattle.

(this was Bregman’s 13th career playoff home run, tied with Justin Turner for most HR by a 3B in playoff history)

Crowd is going bonkers. They’ve been waiting for the Astros to mount a comeback. The underlying energy in the building just exploded with the Bregman homer. Literally 41000+ on their feet and screaming right now.

Tucker struck out swinging. 2 out.

Munoz struck out Tucker on a fastball clocked at 102.

Gurriel singled to center.

Paul Sewald warming in Mariners pen.

Mancini struck out swinging. 3 out.

2 runs. 3 hits. 0 errors. 7-5 Seattle.

Top 9:

Rafael Montero now pitching for Astros.

Crawford grounded to second. 1 out.

Rodriguez flew out to deep right center. 2 out.

Kyle Tucker made an amazing catch, full speed leaping up against the wall in right center by the bullpen cutout and the 370 sign. Wow.

France grounded to third. 3 out.

0 runs.0 hits. 0 errors. 7-5 Seattle.

Bottom 9:

Paul Sewald now pitching for Seattle.

Fans are loud and rowdy, trying to will the Astros to a comeback in the 9th vs mariners closer.

Vazquez grounded to short. 1 out.

David Hensley pinch hitting for Mauricio Dubon.

Hensley hit by pitch.

Jake Meyers pinch running for Hensley.

Altuve struck out swinging. 2 out.

Pena singled to center. Meyers to second.

Seattle changing pitchers. Robbie Ray now pitching for Seattle. Mariners going lefty vs lefty to Alvarez.

Alvarez homered to right (438 ft). Meyers, Pena and Alvarez score. Astros win 8-7.

Minute Maid just absolutely exploded.

What an unbelievable finish.

Scott Servais went to Robbie Ray, whom the Astros have pounded all three times they faced him this season going lefty vs lefty. Ray is normally a starter, and did not get his usual warm up time. Yordan clobbered that ball 438 feet! Absolute Blast!

Mariners go from the thrill of a big comeback vs Blue Jays to the agony of blowing game vs Astros.

Astros take a 1-0 series lead.

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