Philadelphia’s history ties to UH’s preparation

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andy Nelson/AP/Shutterstock (13631949g) Houston head coach Kelvin Sampson yells instruction to his team as they play against Oregon during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, in Eugene, Ore Houston Oregon Basketball, Eugene, United States – 20 Nov 2022

Philadelphia’s history ties to UH’s preparation

Walking through Philadelphia before Houston played Temple, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the resilience of the Continental Congress and the Continental Army in the first two years of the American Revolution.

Things were not going well for the Americans, and they needed a breakthrough. They got it at Saratoga halfway through the war. Sunday night in a city so critical to that Revolution, the Houston Cougars once again found themselves struggling.

In the first half, Temple got every break, made seemingly every 3-pointer, and the ball was not bouncing the Coogs’ way. But UH went on a 13-0 run to start the second half.

Back in the revolution, George Washington was Commander in Chief, and he delegated many training duties to a German General, Baron Von Steuben.

Von Steuben turned a ragtag bunch of farmers and merchants into a professional fighting force. And while not on the same level, Coach Sampson has the best strength coach in the country to train his players, Alan Bishop.

Coach Bishop always says the toughest team wins. You will see him repeating it sometimes on the sidelines at critical moments.

The toughest team won Sunday.

They didn’t give up.

They trusted their training.

And their leader had the right people training his men.

Yes, college basketball is simply a game, and War is real life, and the consequences of Sunday’s game do not bear global implications. But there is a lot to compare in terms of how to get ready for victory, no matter the stakes.

Whether it is the continental army or a college basketball game…

It’s those who are the most prepared who win.

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