Stingley Jr. impressing Texans coach on and off field

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Zalubowski/AP/Shutterstock (13406282z) Houston Texans cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. (24) bats pass away from Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton (14) in end zone during an NFL football game, in Denver Texans Broncos Football, Denver, United States – 18 Sep 2022

Stingley Jr. impressing Texans coach on and off field

Texans cornerbacks coach, Dino Vasso, lauded his rookie corner for his play, attitude, and leadership.

The Houston Texans selected Derek Stingley Jr. with the third overall pick, expecting him to make an immediate impact. His position coach, Dino Vasso, praised the rookie for making that impact on and off the field.

Vasso said he likes what he’s seen from Stingley Jr. thus far:

“Extremely impressed with Sting (Derek Stingley Jr.). Most impressed by his demeanor on gameday, his ability to put plays behind him, be it good or bad. He’s a guy that deals with success and adversity extremely well. That goes to show with his stoic personality, just doesn’t get too high or too low. That’s really how you judge someone’s character, how they are in the highs and lows. He’s showed that over the first couple of weeks.”

He said the rookie corner has the right attitude to play against the best in the league:

“That’s it. That’s it exactly. Gives up a play, doesn’t matter. So what, now what. Next play. Makes a play, doesn’t matter. So what, now what. Next play. He just doesn’t get too high or too low and I think that’s the temperament you want for a corner that’s going to travel and get targeted.”

Vasso described Stingley Jr. as a leader on the field:

“He’s a guy that leads by example more so than verbally. He’s played well and he’s done that over these first couple of weeks. What we do schematically and as far as technique is a little bit different than what he did in college, but he’s growing. He’s better in off coverage, a little bit more patient off coverage than he’s been in the first couple of weeks. He’s showing improvement over the last couple of weeks.”

The coach also shared that Stingley Jr. is a player who is always looking to improve, and puts in the time on film study:

“Yeah. In our meeting room, he talks, I’ve mentioned this before. He’s not a guy that’s going to chirp a lot on the field, but in the meeting rooms, he’s extremely inquisitive and asks football questions. He’s a football guy.”

Vasso did admit he doesn’t want to see his young corner leaping over quarterbacks, although it was physically impressive:

“Mirror the throwing hand. Don’t jump. He didn’t even pump. He shouldn’t have jumped. But obviously, he showed his athleticism.”

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