Texans awarding $400,000 to local Nonprofits and Educational Programs

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 30, 2018: Mini Collectable Football Helmet for the Houston Texans of the American Football Conference South.

Texans awarding $400,000 to local Nonprofits and Educational Programs

The Inspire Change Grant reception takes place Monday, Dec. 12 at 1:30 p.m.

Various Houston Texans players and Texans Legends will be on hand, along with Texans President Greg Grissom and Vice President of the Texans Foundation Hannah McNair, to host the Inspire Change Grant reception. The reception will award $400,000 to local Nonprofits and Educational Programs.

The Texans and their partners announced the creation of the Inspire Change Grant Fund in 2021 to aid programs, seed projects, and create partnerships that support social justice and racial equity efforts.

The 15 local nonprofits and educational programs selected for their work to make a difference in the community will be celebrated at the event, where they will learn the amount they will receive in grant funding. In total, the Texans and their partners will award $400,000 in this second year of the fund.

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