Texans head coach on Davis Mills: “He’s our quarterback.”

Alex Bierens de Haan/Courtesy of Houstontexans.com

Texans head coach on Davis Mills: “He’s our quarterback.”

Lovie Smith was not hearing anything about a quarterback change following Houston’s 34-24 loss to the Chargers

Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith was quickly dismissive when meeting the media Monday on any ideas about replacing the struggling Davis Mills as his starting quarterback.

“We’re not making a change at the quarterback position. The things we’ve talked about is with Davis (Mills) leading us and whatever Davis (Mills) and everyone, coaches, what we all need to do better. Did I just tell you we were in the fourth quarter? Do you know who our quarterback was that led us in position to take the lead there at the end? Davis Mills. He’s our quarterback.”

Smith also refused to assign blame to Mills for a woeful first half that saw Houston trail 27-7 at the break, choosing instead to hand out blame everywhere:

“Offensive line, most of the offense, yes. All of the defense, yes. And some of the special teams. All of us. Our coaching wasn’t up to par on stuff to get us in that position. Yes, all of the above. Just not the one guy. In the end, on how we got the ball back kind of started with him (Davis Mills), yes.”

The Houston head coach also admitted that they needed to provide better protection for Mills against blitzes, as they are going to see a lot of them:

“I thought we had our chances yesterday with that, all that they did. You look at our production offensively; we ended up with 24 points. They blitzed us yesterday, 24 points. We missed a field goal, 27. There’s a couple other; if we just had given Davis (Mills) a little more time, we could’ve. I thought in the end, even though teams are blitzing, they’re going to blitz us an awful lot; it’s just a part of what we’re going to deal with. I thought, for the most part, we saw signs of what we can be with the passing game too.”

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