Texans OC: Mills, offense need to be “a lot more aggressive”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Derek Regensburger/CSM/Shutterstock (13400840r) Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills (10) throws a pass in the first half of the football game between the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans at Empower Field Field in Denver, CO NFL Football Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos, USA – 18 Sep 2022

Texans OC: Mills, offense need to be “a lot more aggressive”

Hamilton wants more urgency, more consistency from his quarterback and the offense as a whole throughout the game.

Thursday, Houston Texans offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton addressed the media, speaking about the offense, and specifically QB Davis Mills.

Regarding Mills, Hamilton noted there was a time it seemed he was in rhythm and the offense was clicking, but they need to get to that point earlier and maintain it:

“I think we saw a point where I felt like we had a good rhythm as an offense. We were able to hit some big plays and good things were happening. We felt like we had some momentum, but nevertheless, there’s no reason that we can’t start games that way. Now, just take a lot of pressure off the sideline by putting up points early. Have to do a better job that way.”

Hamilton felt that the urgency of the moment helped spur the Texans’ offense into gear last week:

“Partly at that point, it was ‘I’ve got to have a situation’. Not that we don’t expect to have urgency early in the game, but it was urgent that we shifted the momentum our way. It was important that we started to bring some life to our sideline and to the stadium. That’s our goal every time we have the football, to try and score the ball. We’ll start by really just being a lot more aggressive and attacking for four quarters.”

Hamilton admitted the team’s youth does play a part in their consistency, and will until they get enough time on the field together:

“Just the mentality, just understanding every play is the most important play in the game. When you have a collection of variance of experience, you have some players that understand just how tough it is to focus of 65, 70 plays throughout a game and be at your best in any given play. Then you have young players who at times, for whatever reason, just that process of processing the information, getting the line of scrimmage, and more so troubleshooting the different looks that we see on the Sunday afternoon becomes more a burden and challenge. It’s really mitigating the times where you put players in the position to where they’re trying to adapt to something they’re somewhat unfamiliar with.”

Hamilton downplayed the Texans struggles against the blitz this season as they prepare to face a team whose defense in 3rd in highest blitz frequency:

“It’s still early in the season. Only time will tell if that’s in fact the way that teams feel like they can attack him. Nevertheless, we always anticipate there’s going to be situations where we are blitzed. I don’t know exactly how many of those blitzes were successful with regards to sacking the quarterback. I’m sure they’ve gotten us off the spot a few times and maybe gotten us out of rhythm. We’re expecting blitz any time it’s an obvious passing situation. We expect blitz and we prepare for blitz.”

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