Texans OC Pep Hamilton: Team had “a Governor” on Davis Mills in Preseason

Texans OC Pep Hamilton: Team had “a Governor” on Davis Mills in Preseason

That governor will now be removed for the start of the season.

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Texans Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton, when speaking to the media today, addressed the idea that the Texans ran a vanilla offense in the preseason. While he would not admit to such or use the word “vanilla”, he did admit that the team was limiting QB Davis Mills:

“We did somewhat have a governor on him in the preseason, but now we feel like…we’re going to have to do whatever it takes to go out and score…”

Hamilton also did not like his unit being characterized as a “run first offense”:

“That’s not in any way saying we’re a run-first team. We’re a score-first team. However, we need to score the ball, that’s what we’re going to try and do.”

More from Texans OC Pep Hamilton:

Regarding RB Dameon Pierce and when the team knew he was worthy of being the starter:

“It was a process for him to work on being able to play without the ball. You have guys that come out of college football that are good runners, but the transition is pretty much dictated by their ability to protect the quarterback, as well as just stay on the field and be able to give us tough yards for four quarters.”

It would appear Pierce has passed that test for Hamilton in order to be the starting RB.

On newly signed TE OJ Howard:

“Still a work in progress. After a couple days of practice, we feel like OJ has a skill set that can help our unit.”

Expect Howard to quickly ascend the depth chart, where he is currently listed as third behind presumed starter Pharaoh Brown and Brevin Jordan.

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